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American Carolina Insurance is a full-service insurance and benefits agency that researches and delivers cost-effective, high quality insurance options that provide excellent benefits for your employees and family including group and individual medical plans, dental plans, pension plans, life insurance plans, disability insurance, and more. We represent over 100 insurance providers, allowing us to customizing your policies for the greatest benefit and cost-effectiveness.

Greenville South Carolina

BIS Benefits is an employee benefits firm located just north of Atlanta in Roswell, GA. Leveraging our extensive experience and benefits knowledge, we are a team of insurance professionals who help over 350 business & non-profit clients find the best benefit plans for their employees. We deliver employee benefits with experience, excellence and execution to organizations with as many as 150 employees down to 5 employees. In addition to group benefits, we also assist individuals and families in finding the right me...

Roswell Georgia

Since 1983, integrity, innovation and family have been the foundation. Located in San Diego, California with offices in Denver, Colorado and Tucson, Arizona, we rank as one of the most respected brokerages and serve hundreds of companies and individuals with employee benefits, retirement planning and risk management.

San Diego California

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Kevin T
Benefit Admin - Fort Lauderdale, FL
This is something sorely needed by HR folks who are researching who to turn to for help with benefits.