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What Employers are Saying

Kevin T
Benefit Admin - Fort Lauderdale, FL
This is something sorely needed by HR folks who are researching who to turn to for help with benefits.
Emilee C, CPA
Financial Services - Austin, TX
Easy to search site to find a variety of brokers and learn more information about each. Would recommend them to kick off your broker search.
Gregory J
Small Business - Pittsburg, PA
Comprehensive information about insurance for my small business. Good articles that helped me learn what I need to have without feeling like I'm getting a sales pitch.
Catherine D
HR Business Partner - Jacksonville, FL
A much needed tool that HR professionals have been looking for!  Employer educational resources along with the ability to search for a broker that meets your company specific needs.
Heather A
Human Resources - Washington DC
Mployer Advisor helps to take some of the guess work out of finding a new vendor and uses AI to help provide an M Score of different brokers based on a variety of factors based on breadth of experience.

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